Motorola MCU3E Concept USB Transcoder / Transmitter – Neat, but Will Consumers Ever See It?

motorola mcu3e

Media Experiences 2 Go (a Motorola Blog) has posted details on a concept product called MCU3E that’s capable of transcoding recorded or live HD / SD video to MPEG-4 AVC or MPEG-2 from a set-top on the fly and transfer the content directly to a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi enabled device like a mobile phone or portable media player for on-the-go viewing. All in all, it’s pretty neat technology. However, I’m skeptical that the Hollywood Studios will ever give its blessing to Motorola on a device that transcodes their content to a DRM-free format they don’t have control over. On the consumer end… this would be fantastic because it means you could play back your recordings on a large variety of devices, archive the videos, and / or share them with friends with little to no hassle.

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  • Mari

    You’re right. There wouldn’t be a way to transcode from a DRM format to a non-DRM format without specific permissions enabled. However, the device could still help transcode legitimate content to the right format keeping security intact. Who knows? Maybe you’ll even be able to pay for certain non-DRM video in the future.

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