ZvBox Demo at CONNECTIONS 2008

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I have to admit I got quite excited when I saw the ZeeVee booth on the showfloor of CONNECTIONS 2008. As many of you know, ZeeVee is getting set to launch their $499 ZvBox (pre-order at Amazon) that essentially creates a remote PC link/experience to any TV in your home. Attached are two videos detailing how the product works, its features, and some of its technical limitations. Enjoy!

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  • Elliott

    I would be happy to dedicate a pc specifically for localcasting if necessary BUT I would want to use the same ZvBox REMOTE to control all media functions (TV, sat box, cable box, receiver, etc) both WHEN and WHEN NOT localcasting. If localcasting were turned off at the ZvBox PC, the TV screen should indicate a message like “Localcasting not available. Tune directly to cable or satellite channel using your ZvBox remote control”. QUESTION: Is the ZvRemote, a learning universal remote like logitech remotes that can be programmed to control all devices?

  • Jon

    My Question is if i a, watching a Bluray on say Powerdvd , will this thing be able to play it on my tv ? Does it have enough power for 1080p ? and does VGA allow for this in this product (i know it doesn’t normally)

  • Nick

    I was really excited until I saw it was going to cost me $499. For that I may as well just get an dedicated unit like an Apple TV or Windows Media Box. I think the price point should have been $199 and sell the remote separately.

  • Richie

    Who cares if the ZvRemote is universal there are plenty of choices to choose from. I would just integrate it with a Control4 system. Then I wouldn’t even worry about the ZvRemote unless I really wanted mouse control or something. The ZeeVee system is very tempting though. I would hope they would come out with another model that would allow a person to connect up a Blu-ray player, Satellite box and such for local casting. Then we wouldn’t have to have multiple sat boxes unless you really had to. Very cool device.

  • http://www.ehomeupgrade.com Alexander Grundner

    @Elliot – Good question. I wish I asked if it functions as a universal remote as well. I have hunch that it does judging from the TV1, TV2, TV3, ZV buttons underneath the remote’s touch pad (see first thumbnail on the left).

    @Jon – The resolution output max is 1080i or 720p (don’t ask me how they’re capable of doing it, though)

    @Nick – Yeah, I mentioned to them the price point was a little steep. I suggested $399, but even that seems a little high for something that gives your TV remote access/viewing of your PC. FYI, Icron has a USB technology that can do something similar. I have to see if I can find more info to write up a story about it.

  • Elliott

    -COST: I now pay monthly fees for four HD Satellite Receivers (one per viewing room) but usually only view in one room at a time. ZvBox cost could be justified if I could reduce the the number of cable/satellite receivers which it night have the capability to do IF-IF-IF the Zv box localcasts either the Web contact active on the pc AND the selected cable/satellite channel, but not both sources simultaneously. Alas, I doubt it has this capability.
    -RECORDING TO PCHD: Can whatever is viewable on the ZvBox PC Screen also be simultaneously recorded on that PCs hard drive OR-OR-OR the cable/satellite PVR hard drive?
    -PC MONITOR VIEWABLE: The ZeeVee comment to the effect that what in viewable (active?) on the PC screen is what is localcast/viewable via coax to TVs indicates potential big limitation. OTOH if you can play and view a BRay disc on your ZvBox PC, that same picture could likely be localcast to a TV
    -VIDABOX: Alexander, I got an email from Vidabox about a internet computer that you stick on the back of your tv monitor, but it costs around $935 and I can’t figure out how it is supposed to be integrated.

  • LocalCaster?

    So, if you forget to turn it off, everyone in the house will be able to “look over your shoulder” without you knowing about it. Better remember that before surfing porn….

    Also, if the signal is on the cable in your house, does it “leak” upstream – so maybe your neighbor gets to enjoy looking over your shoulder, too?

    This is a KVM for $400. Oh, and a remote, I guess but without a keyboard.