AutoHTN – Google Android App for Home Automation and A/V Control

autohtn interface

We have all seen the power of various third-party apps on the iPhone (though most have to be installed via a “jailbroken” iPhone). Now we are starting to get a taste of what’s to come for Google’s Android open mobile platform. Luckily, one of the earlier projects, dubbed AutoHTN, is right up our alley. As you can see in the screenshots and video, one is able to easily manage lights, security sensors, network webcams, power outlets, AC/Heat, multi-room audio/video, and streaming video. AutoHTN (HTN, by the way, stands for Home Theater Network) leverages xPL for communication with Z-wave, UPB, and X10 automation adapters, TV streaming via VideoLAN, and multi-room audio/video control using custom network commands through Denon’s network enabled AVR receivers (support for RS-232 coming soon).


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  • Elliott Tucker

    Very impressive first cut! In future, I hope macro capabilities are added so that a series/group of commands can be executed sith one button e.g. similar to function command e.g. “Watch”, “Listen.” Enable RS232 support within macros. It would seem that this approach could also enable Audio prompts to user. The “open” approach of this platform seems to have more possibilities than the i-phone.

  • Oliver

    Funny you should mention that because that’s what I’m working on now. I’m working on adding a “combination” feature which will turn on/off multiple devices with a press of one button so I would think this would do what you’re asking.

  • mario

    Streaming is real or simulated?
    Knows someone how this people reach the streaming session? I have well-read developers complain about that RTSP URLs cannot be used with android.