Cutting Edge: Thorrn Micro Techologies’ Solid-State CPU Cooling Fan

thorrn micro technologies solid state fan

Since I’m not an electrical engineer by any stretch of the imagination, I’ll let Thorrn explain how its electro-aerodynamic pumping based solid-state fan works in a sec. Bottom line: the technology provides a low profile (15x15x2mm), silent, ultra-efficient heat transfer system that outperforms much larger (and noisier) 40x40x10mm mechanical fans. Unfortunately, the website does not have a timeline on availability or pricing. Lets hope it’s soon so we can hush up some of our PCs without having to resort to exotic cooling methods.

How it works:
“Electro-aerodynamic pumping is based on corona discharge which is the underlying technology in many consumer and industrial products, from silent household air purifiers and photocopiers to electrostatic precipitators and some lasers. It involves application of a voltage difference between two electrodes; a geometrically sharp electrode and a blunt electrode. This creates an intense electric field in the region near the sharp electrode and breaks down the air locally. Ions produced in this discharge are attracted to the distant blunt electrode. As they traverse the gap between the electrodes, the ions collide with neutral air molecules creating a body force and a pressure head in the air. This pressure head causes the desired air flow.” [via]

thorrn micro technologies heat transfer graph

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