ASUS EP20 Mini Eee PC Spotted at CeBIT

asus ep20 cebit

It was February 20th when ASUS unveiled the small form factor Nova P22, however, it now appears that the company has decided to modify the platform a tad and add it to its expanding line of Linux-based Eee PCs. The EP20 “Digital Home System”, which was spotted at CeBIT by, is designed to be a low cost infotainment device for the living room (definitely would work nicely as a MythTV front-end) or productivity machine for the study. Rumor has it that it will sell for around $350 and come equipped with a 2.5-inch hard disc drive (instead a flash drive like it’s sister laptop) and a 1.87Ghz Intel dual-core processor. I’m curious what ASUS means by Digital Home System… are they planning a custom “Easy Mode” 10-foot interface for their living room systems? [via]

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  • bob

    wow that’s cheap for a dual-1.87ghz. i hope this will increase pressure to open up apple tv into a full ‘mac nano’