Apple to Allow Future VoIP Apps on iPhone to Work Over Wi-Fi Only

apple iphone sdk roadmapBrian Lam at Gizmodo asked Steve Jobs, at the iPhone SDK press event this week, a question about VoIP availability on the iPhone. Steve’s answer [live] (which may or may not surprise you): “We will only stop VOIP over cell networks, but not WiFi.” Obviously, this is a protection mechanism to reinforce the company’s relationship with AT&T and any other future providers. It’s a shame, though, because once the next-gen 3G (HSDPA) iPhones start rolling out, the handset will have more than enough bandwidth to place and receive calls over the Internet. What’s more, a subscriber could then purchase the cheapest voice and unlimited data plan available and get unlimited talk time through a much less expensive VoIP provider (all of which have free incoming minutes and free talk time between peer technologies). I guess that’ll never happen now.

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