What to Do with Your HD DVD Movie Collection?

hd dvd movie setNow that studios have all gathered around Blu-ray as the high-definition movie disc format of choice, it’s time for early adopters to consider what to do with their HD DVD movie collection. Of course, one option is to try and unload them on eBay to unwitting buyers. An other is to just keep them, as is, for playback on your shiny, relatively new, HD DVD player. And Wired’s How-To Wiki is now suggesting for enthusiasts to convert their HD DVDs to Blu-ray. The catch: you’ll have to pull out your credit card once again to buy a Blu-ray disc burner for your PC and acquire loads of conversion software (some free, some you have to pay for) so that in the end you’ll have the final result you’re looking for.

However, I say wait and get ready for the next crop of conversion software to rip your HD DVD movies to industry standard h.264 / MPEG-4 AVC video. I wouldn’t be surprise if an application like Handbrake gets this functionality in the near future. But, if you can’t wait, a quick search on Google revealed an excellent guide at Doom9 on how to convert your HD DVD movies, once ripped to a .EVO file, to .mp4.

Popular HD DVD to .EVO conversion tools:
AnyDVD HD (€ 49) any DVDFab HD Decrypter (free)

It’s important to note: Which ever conversion method you choose, (as far as I’m aware) you’ll be losing all interactive features and disc extras that were accessible via the on-screen movie menu guide.

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  • Errly Adopter

    How about wait a few weeks and scoop up a bunch of HD DVD titles on the way cheap and keep them with the drive you already purchased to play them. Even if they get re-released on Blu-Ray it won’t get any better than the 1080p you already have on the HD DVD. Who cares about the potential for more extras? I say it’s the cheapest way to get HD movies on your flat panel right now. Have you seen the price Sony wants for all these new Blu-Ray titles not to mention the more expensive players to play them? Going forward new releases will have to be bought in Blu-Ray but all those classic titles that were already available on HD DVD will be dirt cheap and still the best quality before we move on to a higher resolution format.

  • thomas

    how bout just keep HD DVDs forever and enjoy them. this kind of moronic advice is downright pathetic. sure, I want to spend all this ridiculous effort and time to “convert” my HD DVds to Blu-Rays. maybe the author should get a life instead of actually recommending absurd actions like the aformetioned. good grief!

  • Alexander Grundner

    @Errly Adopter – Good point on picking up more HD DVDs at fire sale prices. Most of the HD DVD movies on eBay have sold for around $10 and are being listed even lower these days. Like you said… the time is right to get a hold of high-quality HD content for your flat screen TV.

    @thomas – I do suggest to: “keep them, as is, for playback on your shiny, relatively new, HD DVD player.”

    The problem, I see, is that most people aren’t too keen on having another set-top box cluttering their A/V rack so they can play a handful of movies they previously picked up. Hence, the advice to unload the movies you’ve got while you can, or just convert them to a more compatible format that you can use on any PC or network device. But, if you have the room, there’s obviously no problem in keeping the player around. Bonus: most HD DVD players are excellent at up-converting standard DVDs for playback on HDTVs.

  • Michael Hambright

    The Samsung Blu-ray / HD DVD player is a great piece of equipment. It will play the new Blu-rays you buy, the HD DVD’s you have and pick up @ a deal on ebay. If you have a bunch of HD DVDs this would be my choice.

  • http://www.ehomeupgrade.com Alexander Grundner

    You’re right. The Samsung BD-UP5000 Duo is pretty sweet! And it looks like you can pick one up for around $500. [Check Prices]