MyNetflix Plugin for Vista Media Center Brings Streaming Movies to MCE Interface

mynetflix vista mce plugin

The moment Netflix announced it would be streaming movies, Media Center users the world over started clamoring for a plugin to support the service. One of the first that we saw certainly appeared to get the job done, but integration within the MCE interface seemed somewhat lacking. If that tight integration is what you’ve been looking forward to, then MyNetflix – a beta plugin from Anthony Park – is exactly what you’re looking for (via Chris Lanier).

What’s nice is that the plugin does more than just give you access to the streaming movies. With this plugin, you can also:

  • View your queue
  • Browse movies by genre
  • View your history and recommendations
  • Add and Remove movies from your queue
  • Move movies to the top of your queue
  • And, of course, browse for and watch streaming movies

According to Anthony, initial feedback has been very good with some slight problems experienced here and there (this is a beta release afterall). Amazingly, this software is free, although Anthony will accept donations (which I’d recommend doing).

I intend on testing this plugin later today and will report back here on my personal experience with the plugin.

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  • LostDog

    Hmm, this one is Vista MCE only. No MCE2005 support. That’s probably how they got the nicer interface. I probably won’t move to Vista until I’m ready to rebuild my HTPC ground up again (which I might have to do to get my specs up to par with blu-ray/hddvd requirements). For now, I might try out that other Netflix plug-in. Looks like they’ve had some recent updates since the eHU review. Maybe they’ve addressed your concerns AND kept MCE2005 support.

    As a side note, the MyMovies plug-in ( is currently the only thing that I really use the MCE interface for. Other than that, my HTPC is just a nice PC with a sweet 50″ widescreen monitor and surround sound.

  • LostDog

    Bummer, reading deeper in that other thread I see the first My Netflix (the one that had MCE2005 support) didn’t survive. The project has been canned and replaced by this Vista-only version. See here:…ead.aspx#242452

  • Rory Donnelly

    By “the world over”, I assume you mean “all over the US”…unfortunately, us leprechauns on the emerald isle can’t subscribe yet…