Vudu Drops Price $100 – Fear of AppleTV to Blame?

vuduAnytime Apple announces their entry into a market, existing market competitors take notice. So, it’s really no surprise that Vudu has dropped the price of it’s HD movie and tv show box from $399 to $295 (via CNet). For customers who purchased a Vudu in the last 30 days, you can get a $100 movie credit by calling the company’s customer service line.

Until the 2008 MacWorld, the AppleTV wasn’t really seen as a competitor to Vudu, due to it’s requirement of having a Mac or PC on the same network as the AppleTV. However, now that the AppleTV has dropped that requirement and also gotten support from all the major movie studios, it appears the AppleTV is now Vudu’s primary competition. And at an entry price of $229 for the 40GB AppleTV unit, Apple came into the competition with a distinct advantage. At a smaller $295 price point, the Vudu is still at a disadvantage, but may have an advantage in content availability. While Apple has to wait 30 days after DVD release to get a movie on it’s platform, Vudu generally gets it’s videos the same day as release, or within 5 days. We’ll know soon whether these advantages are enough to keep from getting trampled by the monster called Apple.

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  • TimC

    Does anyone actually own one of these? I’m struggling to see how this is any different than the already failed Moviebeam STB and Service. From Akimbo to Moviebeam, haven’t we seen plenty of companies fail in launching a service that requires yet another set top box, and worse, charges ~$299 for it? I believe if Vudu is going to have any chance of even surviving, the box needs to be free.