Get Tons of TV, Video and Audio Content Online for Free with AnyTV


If there’s one thing you can be assured of, it’s this: as long as the internet is around, there will be content. AnyTV is one of the programs designed to get you that content in a simple and consolidated interface (via Download Squad). But don’t let the name fool you, as AnyTV does more than its name implies.

So what does it do? Well, it finds any television internet streams available and lists them in its interface. From there, you can browse through the list and attempt to watch any of the streams. Some work (C-SPAN) while others don’t (ESPN). But, with the choices available, it’s highly likely that you’ll find something that interests you. AnyTV also finds video clips for viewing, with high quality content like “The Daily Show” included. Finally, if audio is your thing, AnyTV also gives you simplified access to the plethora of online radio stations. If this list sounds interesting to you, give it a try if you’re a Windows PC user. You’ve got nothing to lose since it is free.

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  • SpencerAR

    As a way of centralizing multiple feeds for audio and video from across the ‘Net, I am intrigued by this software. But, how exactly would this compete/complement/compare with Windows MCE/Vista? Granted, it’s free – but is it even necessary?


  • David Walker

    Necessary? Probably not. I don’t see this being anything more than a convenient app to use for video/audio while on the computer. That said, it is nice to have options available when you spend lots of time on the computer each day, like I do.