HomeSeer Partners with Cooper Wiring Devices to Create Advanced Aspire RF Z-Wave Kit

cooper wiring devices homeseer aspire rf usb hs2 bundle

Cooper Wiring Devices targets professional integrators and installers with the release of its new ASPIRE RF™ USB-PRO kit. The new kit combines Cooper Wiring Devices’ professional grade Z-Wave® USB interface with a specially engineered version of HomeSeer’s popular HS2™ home automation software. The kit unlocks the full potential of the company’s ASPIRE RF line by adding advanced automation functions and by providing seamless integration of lighting, HVAC, security, irrigation and home entertainment systems.

Integrators will appreciate the kit’s versatility and advanced feature set. The software includes a built-in web server for remote access anywhere in the world. Support is also provided for a wide variety of user interfaces including scene controllers, touch screens, handheld remotes, cell phones and PDA’s. Devices can also be controlled by voice.

“Cooper Wiring Devices is an industry leader in the manufacture of electrical devices and systems, and HomeSeer makes the most advanced automation software available,” states Richard Helmke, HomeSeer’s founder and president. “The new USB-PRO kit combines technologies from both companies that benefit integrators (and homeowners) in many exciting new ways. We’re very pleased to have Cooper Wiring Devices as a key technology partner.”

“The ASPIRE RF line complements the Cooper Wiring Devices’ portfolio of home control and networking solutions that will equip customers with a robust communication and control package to meet the technology demands of today’s digital home,” said Jason Sherrill, Product Manager of Technology at Cooper Wiring Devices. “Working with HomeSeer allows us to offer installers a feature-rich software program that provides tools for installation, control and diagnostics.” Sherrill continued. “The new software program is customized to take advantage of ASPIRE RF’s unique product and system features.”

Using the aesthetic design of the award-winning, contemporary-styled ASPIRE™ Design System line of decorator wiring devices, ASPIRE RF includes the ASPIRE signature curve motif, and contrasting matte and low-gloss finishes. ASPIRE RF, with its unique ASPIRE styling, is designed to offer builders, remodelers, architects, designers and homeowners the most exciting home enhancement in decades.

Aspire RF will be released in select markets throughout North America starting in October of 2007 and will be rolled nationally throughout the rest of 2007 and 2008.

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