Conceptronic Launches Grab’n'GO Multimedia Recorder & Player

conceptronic grab n go

Start recording your favourite movies & TV shows with the NEW Conceptronic Grab’n’GO Multimedia Recorder & Player! This personal video recorder records all your favourite movies and TV shows on the built-in hard drive via the integrated analog TV tuner. Thanks to the big storage capacity and easy set up, you can connect it directly to your TV and record whatever you want. By using the scheduled recording function you can program anything you would like to record. The timeshift feature even allows you to “pause” live television and record it, e.g. when you need to go to the toilet or you get a phonecall, and resume watching it after returning. You can also record directly from your DVD player, set-top box or camcorder.

The CM3PVR will be launched with 500GB (other capacities will be available soon). This version allows you to record more than 228 hours in high quality video and more than 656 hours in low quality.

Play all you digital content
The CM3PVR works as a media player which plays your digital movies, photos and music. Just connect it to your computer, copy all your favourite media content and connect it to your TV. The device works standalone (without computer) and supports All popular file formats like XviD, AVI, MPEG 1/2/4,JPEG, MP3, WAV and VOB.

A new dimension in recording!
Set the CM3PVR to record on a memory card or a USB storage device (USB hard disk or flashdrive) and you can take your recordings out of the livingroom! Due to the fact that the CM3PVR records in MPEG4 format, your recordings can be played back on any Grab’n’GO Media Player product or even on your Laptop and PC! Now you can watch your favourite TV program not only WHEN you like but also WHERE you like!

Ready for the future
The built-in analog TV tuner let’s you record all your favourite cable TV programs while the composite video allows you to record directly from your DVD player, camcorder or digital set-top box. Component video outputs and a SPDIF digital audio output ensure the maximum ‘home cinema experience’!

Full cable package included
The Grab’n’GO Multimedia Recorder & Player includes an ultra slim remote control (batteries included), USB 2.0 cable, AV composite cable and SCART connector, S-video cables, component video cable and ofcourse a antenna cable. Further, you will find a coaxial SPDIF cable and a stand, so you can easily put the CM3PVR next to your TV, in lying or standing position.

The CM3PVR is now available, with a retail price starting from € 269,- incl. VAT (500GB).

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  • flamaest

    “The built-in analog TV tuner” ?

    How about QAM or OTA ATSC?

    The Analog tuner feature will be DOA out of the box in the USA.


  • william van Haeff

    this device really sucks. playback of dvd-files stops at every VOB-file. No working menu, recorded programs have an extremely annoying delay in sound!!!!!!

    all in all it’s crap.