Ricavision Taking Pre-Orders on VAVE100 Windows SideShow Vista Universal Remote

ricavision vave100 blackIt looks like the much awaited for Ricavision SideShow remote will finally see its day in the light instead of the conference circuit spotlight. Sporting a new design (original), the VAVE100 offers users a 2.4-inch QVGA LCD display, Bluetooth 100-meter Class 1 SPP/A2DP connectivity (possibly for using with wireless headphones?) integrated SideShow interface, and a built-in database from over 1500 manufactures that will configuring you favorite IR devices in seconds (it also has the ability to “learn” non-listed products manually). But, of course, the feature most people are excited about is Windows SideShow, a technology that will enable user through a graphical interface to view news headlines, weather, email, computer stored pics & music, and much more.

The list price for such a device? $299. However, if you pre-order now (offical release: 2/29/08), you will get an instant $25 discount. Note: Ricavision is also releasing a less expensive, slim-down Windows Media Center remote dubbed the VAVE50, in case SideShow is not an interest to.

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