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I was fortunate enough to be invited to a showcase event last night where the co-founder of DivX, Jerome Rota, presented his company’s DivX Connected platform that we’ll soon be seeing integrated into various cable, DVD, DVR, and media adapter set-tops in the near future. In total, I have attached three videos of the event. The first two are the actual feature-set demo given to the audience by Jerome and then the third is an exclusive Q&A where I ask him for more in-depth details on the platform — i.e. what codecs it will playback, what PC platforms it will support, when will we see it on the market, etc.

A photo gallery of the event can also be found here.

UPDATE 1 – If you’re short on time and curious as to which codecs the platform will support at launch, jump to minute 4:43 in PART 3 of the videos below or 3:32 on YouTube. Summary: Jerome tells us that out of the gate “DivX, Xvid, and a variation of MPEG-4… and Windows Media” will be supported. And since DivX Connected is an open platform, other codecs *can* be supported/integrated into the PC server client in the future via the plugin SDK. It’s worth pointing out, the server client bundled with the development boxes we got — as it stands right now — has limited codec support. See Gizmodo’s finding here. Also worth noting is that the platform can support 1080p video, but that degree of resolution depends entirely on the processing chip the OEM decides to go with.

UPDATE 2: I’ve posted a recap of the DivX Connected event on my personal blog. It offers some extra tidbits about the platform not found in this post that you may find interesting.

DivX Connected Demo – Part 1 of 3

DivX Connected Demo – Part 2 of 3

DivX Connected Demo – Part 3 of 3

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  • thekid

    A story on a high quality DivX connected device shown through a low quality Youtube video… oh the irony

    Get a Stage6 channel!

  • http://www.alexandergrundner.com Alexander Grundner

    And a real camcorder, too! :D

    I like to travel light, so all I had was my Casio Exilim on me. Plus, the lighting of a dark venue didn’t help much in capturing the video. On the bright side, the audio wasn’t bad.

    Side note to the Stage 6 crew: Come out with a Linux browser plugin already! FYI, I have the mplayer firefox/mozilla plugin working (which you guys recommend on the site) but the video still doesn’t play. I get prompted to download a compatible plugin which doesn’t exist for the platform.

  • thekid

    we have solutions for your travel light camera needs as well


    and we are working on a Linux plugin for Stage6 as well..