Tangent Quattro Wi-Fi Internet Radio

tangent quattro

After just discovering the REVO Pico Wi-Fi, it looks like another internet radio called the Tangent Quattro is a hot little number as well. The Quattro features, according to c.crane, “the highest quality audio among our WiFi radios” due to its MDF wood cabinet housing (available in four finishes: white, red, walnut veneer, black). It has access to the same 5,500+ internet radio stations via Reciva and supports Wi-Fi LAN audio streaming like the Pico, but the $349 Quattro additionally offers an alarm clock, 5 station presets, DAB/FM radio, and OGG Vorbis support (Linux users will be pleased here). The Quattro would definitely make a nice addition to a nightstand or work desktop.

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