My Movies Adds HD-DVD & Blu-ray Library Support in 2.31 Release

my movies 2 graphicThe best movie collection manager for Windows Media Center, My Movies, just got a whole lot better. Below are the release notes and change log for version 2.31. With improved folder monitoring, movie meta-data updates via web services, and newly added support for ripped HD-DVD & Blu-ray titles, 2.31 is a must upgrade to an already fantastic freeware (donation supported) application.

Functionality added:

  • My Movies now also functions as a data-provider for Media Center’s “DVD library” for the users that prefer to use this interface, or prefers to switch between them. When folder monitoring is enabled, My Movies automatically store meta-data for the folders to be seen by the “DVD library” or if folder monitoring is disabled, it is stored for a title when added or edited.
  • The Folder Monitoring system has been extended to be able to operate in three different modes, instead of one, to give users more control over the process. Added is strict option where a folder name and the added title must match 100%, loose option is the functionality from 2.30, and confirmative option is the same as loose option, however the user must confirm each entry.
  • The Movie Info page have been expanded to include aspect ratios and sound track information on the page. The aspect ratio icons automatically changes based on current screen resolution to match 4:3 or 16:9 display types.
  • The program is now able to automatically attach HD-DVD and Blu-ray cover underlays for HD-DVD and Blu-ray covers. This means that if covers are within default aspect ratios, they will in Media Center and on the online collection be displayed with the blue or red cover.
  • It is now possible to contribute disc id’s and search discs by id’s for HD-DVD and Blu-ray titles.
  • The person editing box now automatically checks for an updated profile when editing an actor, to avoid manual checking if the person is updated.
  • You are now allowed to contribute on top of an existing updated profile on the WebService if your title has a higher complete percentage, and you compare the titles on the compare screen.

Bugs fixed:

  • Several users have had problems with databases that would not upgrade correct, or DVD Profiler imports that crashes because of a database error “Cannot open any more tables”. This issue has been coded around.
  • DVD Media Changer support were for some users unstable, and resulted in a situation where the My Movies Add-in stopped responding. This has been fixed, and the changer implementation is now much faster at identifying discs.
  • When contributing a cover to the WebService, and there was updated data available, you were forces to update that, even though you only wanted to contribute a cover.
  • DVR-MS files would not play correctly. They should now.
  • The My Movies meta-data files stored in folders are now hidden.
  • When using “Change data” or adding a title from within Media Center, the selected title is now listed with details about year, country and type on the screen to better distinguish the titles.
  • Folder monitoring now distinguishes between HD-DVD and DVD when indexing folders, so that HD-DVD online folders will only be matched with HD-DVD meta-data, while other movie types will be matched with DVD meta-data.
  • When contributing data originally loaded via. Amazon, you are no longer prompted to change description and contribute both front and back cover, as this data is correct in most situations.
  • When reading disc ids, the drive in some situations locks and cannot be opened again. This bug should now be fixed.
  • Blu-ray and HD-DVD covers must now be contributed within specific sizes to ensure that My Movies can attach them to a front and back cover.
  • Parental Rating settings in Collection Management program now switches based on the country of the edited title, instead of the current localization and region.
  • Several minor fixes.

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