Xbox Media Center IR On/Off Hack

xbmc xir

Running XBMC on your original Xbox game console? Then might as well go ahead and hack it some more and add an IR remote on/off switch (I never understood why Microsoft neglected to add this feature) using the XIR Easy Kit (MSPR $35.65). Quinten Uijldert explains the process in great detail, and with plenty of process photos (via Automated Home). Of course, this requires the Xbox DVD Remote Kit. All-in-all, this hack makes for a great weekend project. BTW, if you don’t have an Xbox to hack, these days you can pick up one up for around $40 used on eBay.

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  • mcstayinskool

    excellent post…I’ve been looking for a nice howto on this. XBMC is the single best piece of hackware I’ve ever seen, but the fact that you can’t toggle on/off with a remote is a real nit (esp. considering how loud the xbox fan is, you really don’t want it running when you aren’t using it.).