Slacker to Offer Personal Portable Radio

slacker playerTalk about an instant winner before even leaving the gate. A new service called “Slacker” combines the best of Internet radio with music recommendation technology and empowers users to take their music anywhere with a Wi-Fi + Satellite-enabled portable player. But what might be even more impressive, is that the Slacker player (est. price $150 to $299 available in Summer 2007) routinely caches new music tailored to a user’s tastes and channels when it auto-detects a USB/Wi-Fi/Satellite data connection. Additionally, Slacker lets users refine their personalized music experience by providing Heart (favorite track to be played more frequently), Skip, and Ban functions.

To sign up for the initial Web Radio service (free with ads, $7.50/mo. premium), visit Or, if you want to learn more, checkout the AP’s write-up here, PC Magazine’s piece here, and CNET’s take here.

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