NETGEAR Storage Central Turbo Delivers Affordable, Expandable, Networked Data Storage

netgear sc101tNETGEAR, Inc., a worldwide provider of technologically advanced, branded networking products, announces Storage Central Turbo (SC101T), the industry’s most versatile, high-performance, affordable networked storage solution designed for the sharable data backup and storage needs of consumers and small businesses.

NETGEAR’s Storage Central Turbo (SC101T) features a Gigabit Ethernet interface that enables users to quickly and easily transfer, share and store music, photos, data files, and videos across the network. The SC101T, which supports two 3.5-inch Serial ATA (SATA) disk drives of any capacity, makes real-time copies of stored data on two separate hard drives to protect against data loss, providing users with the ideal mirrored centralized storage solution.

Utilizing Z-SAN (Storage Area Network) technology to deliver a critical blend of scalability, performance and affordability, the SC101T is a future-proof storage solution that enables users to expand storage capacity indefinitely by upgrading to larger SATA hard drives or even by adding additional SC101T devices to the network. Complete with advanced backup and synchronization software to protect against data loss, network storage appears as a letter drive on networked PCs enabling users to access files on the SC101T as easily and intuitively as from a local disk drive.

“With the rapid adoption and integration of digital technologies into consumers’ everyday lives, such as digital cameras and camcorders, MP3 players, and networked multimedia devices, there is an increasing need for centralized storage solutions that are expandable, fast and affordable,” explained Kartik Gada, product line manager at NETGEAR. “The Storage Central Turbo delivers the ideal storage solution for the digital home. With the constant drop in price-per-Gigabyte for hard drives, Storage Central Turbo saves consumers money by enabling them to get the best deal they can on the specific drive capacities that they want. As consumers’ requirement for additional storage space grows, users can simply add additional Storage Central Turbo units to the network and seamlessly expand their existing lettered drives, making this the perfect future-proof solution for the storage and backup of a consumers’ ever-growing amount of digital content.”

Zetera’s innovative Z-SAN technology enables low cost home storage devices to perform at levels previously reserved for high-end business class storage solutions. For consumers, this means new storage solutions for protected media vaults, enabling automated backups through a pair of mirrored hard drives, making digital content available throughout the networked digital home.

“We are very excited that NETGEAR is expanding their successful Storage Central product line,” said Zetera CEO Chuck Cortright. “NETGEAR’s selection of Z-SAN technology enables them to deliver network storage solutions that perform just like USB 2.0 external disks, but have the additional advantages of being sharable and mirrored to protect against data loss.”

About the NETGEAR Storage Central Turbo (SC101T)
NETGEAR’s Storage Central Turbo (SC101T) is the premier mirrored, upgradeable way for consumers and small businesses to store music, photos, videos, and data files – and access them at Gigabit speeds.

Easy to setup, install and share, users simply insert one or two 3.5-inch SATA drives of any capacity from any vendor (sold separately) into Storage Central Turbo, connect it to any router or switch, and Smart Wizard® takes care of the configuration. Storage Central Turbo functions like a local disk drive making it easy and intuitive for family members to locate and access important files.

Storage Central Turbo protects data by utilizing advanced backup and synchronization software to mirror data on two separate hard drives. Storage Central Turbo, which enables users to password protect each logical drive to optimize privacy, incorporates a Gigabit Ethernet interface to maximize data transfer speeds.

NETGEAR’s Storage Central Turbo (SC101T) is expected to be available in early 2007 via leading retailers, direct marketers, e-commerce sites and value-added resellers.

About NETGEAR, Inc.
NETGEAR (Nasdaq: NTGR) designs technologically advanced, branded networking products that address the specific needs of small and medium business and home users. The Company’s product offerings enable users to share Internet access, peripherals, files, digital multimedia content and applications among multiple personal computers and other Internet-enabled devices. NETGEAR is headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif. For more information, visit the company’s Web site at

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  • Mander

    I’m an IT professional and sold this product to a big client of mine last June.
    I made the install and the device did not function bad at first, but then came an upgrade of the firmware and of the software utility to manage the SC101T from every single client of the network.
    TWO of the PCs had the OS (WIN2K) simply destroyed, with BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death) after forced restart. No way at all to repair it.
    I contacted Netgear Support (at European level) and they spent three weeks (I suppose doing nothing), then called me and said that the problem was mine and to restore a backup older than the original installation made in June!
    I also wrote on Netgear forum (where a lot of people have the same problems also with the SC101 software and with XP pro clients), but my post about terrible support was not published as ‘offensive’.
    To add bad to bad this product does not support 64 bit OSs and wont never do.
    Simply skip it and buy something else and better, if you mind the safety of your precious data.