Bill Gates Not Thrilled with the State of DRM Either

microsoft zune blackTechcrunch’s Michael Arrington attended a small group conference in Redmond, Washington where Bill Gates chatted with attendees about the upcoming Mix Conference in Las Vegas. Surprisingly, Gates had quite a bit to say on the topic of DRM in regards to music, he even went so far as to advise people to buy a CD and rip it for getter flexibility and legal standing. According to Techcrunch he ended saying: “DRM is not where it should be, but you won’t get me to say that there should be usage models and different payment models for usage. At the end of the day, incentive systems do make a difference, but we don’t have it right with incentives or interoperability.” Personally, I think all music purchased online should be DRM free, unless you’re acquiring it from an unlimited, all-you-can-consume, monthly service like Napster To Go or Rhapsody To Go where you’re basically renting the music.

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  • mtrydoc

    It is good to here from someone that has more money than god believes that once i buy something I should be able to use it where i want and not have to worry about the DRM. Now if we could just get some others on the same boat.