Harmony Solutions Maestro LSX; Not Just Another Pretty Interface

harmony home maestro award“Your home is at your service.” This is the mission and motto of the Maestro LSX from Harmony Solutions, LLC based out of Austin, Texas. Designed to be the centerpiece of your homestead, Maestro provides complete control of your home adding convenience, conservation, and security to your lifestyle whether in your house or across the country. In addition to this impressive list of capabilities, Maestro can now add “Award-Winning” to its resume.

Less than 12 months from the product’s launch, the Maestro LSX has been awarded Innovations in Design and Engineering Honors for 2007 at the 40th Annual International CES in Las Vegas. Renown for being the largest consumer electronics show in the world and attracting attendees by the thousands, the 2007 extravaganza will be Maestro’s CES debut. Taking place January 8th – January 11th at the Sands Expo and Convention Center, Maestro will be on display in the Honoree Exhibit Hall throughout the 4-day event.

Honored in the category “Integrated Home Systems”, Maestro LSX was judged by excelling in the following criteria: Engineered Qualities, Product Use and Function, Unique and Novel Features, Improvement to Company, and Aesthetic Qualities. On receiving the award in Maestro’s rookie year, Founder and CEO, David Hanford, was honored. “We are very proud to have been selected as an honoree this year. Past winners have had a profound impact on the direction of consumer electronics over the years. We hope this recognition helps to educate people to the fact that new home technologies are not just for the gadget experts and super wealthy anymore, but instead, for the entire family.” Enhanced lifestyle through automated home control is just one facet of this products unique offering.

In addition to the all-in-one control of lighting, irrigation, awareness cameras, and thermostats, Maestro was designed with the family as its prime concern. A plethora of family-friendly features give Maestro its “whole home” appeal. For example, when Maestro is not in use, it becomes a digital picture frame displaying all the pictures in a slide show format which are normally sentenced to isolation on the family’s digital camera. Additionally, Maestro is capable of giving your family weather updates, informing you when motion sensors have been tripped, or alerting you when a status within your home changes. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Ever evolving, Maestro will soon offer whole-home music capability with new playlist features that will merit praise from any “audiophile”.

Aesthetically, this product is unmatched in the industry. In collaboration with nationally-recognized home designers, Maestro was designed not as a hobbyist “tech toy” in the living room, but rather a visually appealing art piece which fits into any home décor. With 18 different “designer pallets” and counting, Maestro can have multiple looks for the multiple rooms in your house. Mr. Hanford affirms this was an essential part of Maestro’s development. “There is a term that was coined in the automation space known as the Wife Acceptance Factor, or WAF. We like to expand this to FAF, the Family Acceptance Factor. It is great to have a powerful tool that the technically savvy can make do almost anything they want. But if the rest of the family is afraid to touch it, they become trapped by the technology. Maestro bridges that gap by allowing complete control, in a family friendly environment.”

If you plan on attending the CES this January, stop by the Honoree Exhibit Hall and have a firsthand look at how Maestro is bringing the promise of tomorrow’s technology into your home today. It’s the safest bet you’ll make in Las Vegas.

For more information on Maestro visit: www.harmony-home.com

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