Rip Blu-ray Movie Discs with Your New PlayStation 3

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Now that the PS3 can run full-blown Linux OS distributions like Yellow Dog Linux, Fedora Core (video), and others, users have found that ripping an exact copy of a Blu-ray movie (as well as PS3 games) is as easy as typing in the following command in the Terminal to create an ISO image: dd if=/dev/cdrom of=/blu-raymovie.iso . Of course, once you’ve created the file, you can then burn a Blu-ray disc of the ISO image (if you have an external Blu-ray burner handy) or (most likely the case) just play the movie back from a hard drive or attached storage (via Gizmodo, PS3NEWS). Ahhhh, the beauty of having full access to hack your system (more details on the dd command).
* Disclaimer: It’s not clear if the ISO image is playable through the PS3 interface or through Linux via a media player application.

* Note: Creating ISO images of Blu-ray or HD DVD discs can be done on any PC equipped with a Blu-ray or HD DVD drive as well – theoretically. I know for a fact, though, that it will work on Linux desktop PCs because no software / hardware security checks are in place.

UPDATE: Another alternative, if you’re running Windows, is picking up a copy of Slysoft AnyDVD HD — rips Blu-ray and HD DVD movies and creates a version that doesn’t require a HDCP compatible monitor for playback!

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  • Giles

    Yea It worked.

  • marcel

    dd if=/dev/cdrom of=/blu-raymovie.iso.

    when i try this it says permission denied.

    do u know why? am i doing somethig wrong?

    I have ydl 6. wanering if they updated it not to copy. hmm


  • Henry

    Must be run as root or using sudo on some systems. I think it’s something to do with suid missing on /dev/cdrom, maybe.. It’s linux so you’re supposed to use half a day figuring this thing out

  • Tom K.

    Problem is that PS3 requires Fat32 formated HD which has a 4 GB limit. Blu Ray video files are much larger.

  • NM

    Tom – there is no 4GB limit with FAT32. wiki it.

  • beto


    Yes there is a limit. Try putting a 5gb size file on an ipod.

  • gplasky

    NM-What wiki are you reading? Quote: “The maximum possible size for a file on a FAT32 volume is 4GiB minus 1 byte (232−1 bytes). Video applications, large databases, and some other software easily exceed this limit. Larger files require another formatting type such as HFS+ or NTFS.”

  • NM

    apologies, i am of course completely wrong. i have kicked myself. i was thinking of limit Windows places on the size of the FAT32 partition (32GB?) which isn’t the true limiting size.
    again, apologies.

  • CP

    Fat32 may have a max filesize of 4GB, but the PS3 harddrive can have files that are larger than 4GB.

    I have a 7.5GB movie file on my PS3 harddrive.

    I think the PS3 handles files differently… which is good :)

  • Alexander Grundner

    This answer from the Yellow Dog Linux FAQ should shed light on the question of file size limits:

    QUESTION: What is the maximum size of a single file?

    Andrew, a YDL user offers this valuable information, “With the 2.4 kernel on a 32-bit processor there is a block device limit of 2TB. This limitation isn’t present on 64-bit systems and is gone even for 32-bit systems in 2.5. The new maximum filesystem limit is dependent on the type of filesystem used:

    ext3: 2TB
    reiserfs: 16TB
    xfs: 9EB
    jfs: 4PB

    There are a lot of layers involved here (block, vfs, filesystem, glibc). As the Xserve RAID presents each RAID volume as a real block device, I’m pretty sure you can combine as many of these (with the limits applying to each volume) as you want with lvm.”

    * Aside: You can install Ubuntu on the PS3 as well. Full instructions and download link available here.

  • Lord Metal

    It’s possible to format as ext2 & 3 in then you install Yellow Dog. But it doesn’t work too play in PS3 system as i thought because DD command don’t rip anything it’s only an exact image file with protection on.