Too Funny – AllofMP3′s ‘Music for Masses’ DRM Cracked by ‘Music for Me’ Software

musicforme screenshotIf you remember the other day we reported on AllofMP3′s new music sampler application, Music for Masses, that allows you to download DRM protected .mp3x tracks free for use on one machine – the idea being that once you’ve become attached to the music you’ll purchase the tracks outright for use on other devices (btw, great idea). Anyways, it looks like someone has cracked the DRM protection and has released a program called Music for Me that takes .mp3x files and converts them to standard .mp3. According to Download Squad, Music for Me works without a hitch, but you’ll need to manually rename all the files since it converts them to long number strings (ID3 tags are left intact, though).

Just for the heck of it, I tested the link provided by Download Squad and it appears that it has already been taken down. If Music for Me sounds like something that you’d be interested in, try doing a Google search over the next few days to see where it pops up next. Further discussion @ Digg.

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