Exceptional Innovation Unveils UMPC Lifeware Home Automation Software

exceptional innovations lifeware umpc

Still on the fence on buying a Ultra-Mobile PC (UMPC)? If you’re a home control/automation junkie, a UMPC may become your next best friend. Exceptional Innovation marketing VP, Mike Seamons, at CEDIA told Talk About CEDIA: “I have owned four prior ‘open’ Windows-based touchscreens to run my home, but these were all based on Windows CE, which has a very limited OS and is slow. UMPC runs Lifeware perfectly, can be touched by your finger (tablet PCs come close but who wants to use a pen to turn on the lights?), and is great for checking email and my favorite Web sites while watching TV.” Seamons goes on to say, “Combine Lifeware, a Media Center Edition PC, a multiroom audio system, and UMPC and you can go anywhere in your home and control what is playing (including DRM content), where it is playing, and how loud it is…. It even does a decent job streaming videos from the Media Center through Lifeware.” Folks, it doesn’t get any better than that if you’ve been waiting for a mythical portable device to control every aspect of your home.

For more info on Lifeware products visit Exceptional Innovation, and for more details on Lifeware from the CEDIA show floor visit Talk About CEDIA.

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  • http://www.msmvps.com/chrisl/ ChrisL01

    Oh yeah, it gets better. :D

    How about MCE and Life|ware running on nearly 20 MCE PC’s throughout a home, three Xbox 360′s, 12 of EI Touchscreens (non UMPC), and of course a few UMPC if you wish! :D All of this in a single home. EI did it, now I just have to figure out how to get someone to pay for me to do the same. :eek: