Stop the Presses! Lenovo to Sell ThinkPad T60p Preloaded with SUSE 10

lenovo t60pWow. Here I was thinking the Lenovo was this evil PC OEM who only supported Windows because of their previous commitment to Microsoft to never let any desktop or notebook go out the door without Windows being installed. I guess management had a change of heart. According to ExtremeTech and DesktopLinux, Lenovo has made a deal with Novell Inc. to start selling their super popular ThinkPad T60p with SUSE Linux Enterprises 10 (demo).

DesktopLinux adds:

“The T60p isn’t just any laptop. It boasts a high-end, 2GHz Intel Core Duo processor T2500, with a minimum of 512MB of RAM, which can be pushed up to 2GB of memory. For graphics, it uses an ATI FireGL V5200 with 256MB of RAM.

The system is also expected to come with what Lenovo is calling a ‘ThinkPad Experience’ under Linux, which includes: Access Connections, Configuration Utility, Power Manager, warm and cold docking support for USB and video, and Help Center support.”

Personally, I think this announcement is huge. It’s a sure signal that Linux is starting to make its way into the mainstream and will help put a new face on the platform in general. Plus, it negates the need for end-users to figure out how to install a Linux distribution on a complex PC system. I can’t wait for the day when pre-configured Linux desktops and notebooks are readily available at big-box stores like Best Buy, Circuit City, CompUSA. Hey, maybe one day we’ll even see retailers offering MythTV set-top PVRs. (OK. Maybe I went to far on that one – though it would be nice.)

Side note: EmperorLinux offers a great selection of notebooks pre-installed with popular Linux distributions – they’ll even setup a dual-boot Windows XP/Linux OS system if you so desire.

UPDATE 1: Jeremy D. Zawodny says Ubuntu installs on the ThinkPad T43p [check prices] without a hitch – Full Story.

UPDATE 2: LXer has a new thread going – Companies selling preinstalled Linux and no-OS

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