Dell MCE Remote Features Two-Way RF and Metadata

dell metadata mce remoteJulie Jacobson at CEPro has written about a remote control that is probably not getting the attention it deserves. Your first inclination might be that the remote is from Apple, given their dominance in design. Well, you’d be wrong. This particular remote is from Dell, and although it is exclusive to the M2010 hybrid desktop/mobile computer Dell recently started selling, it might be one of the most enticing MCE remotes out there. Media Center users, no doubt, would love to get a hold of one of these.

The remote, first off, ditches infared for the more modern wireless USB. This makes the remote capable of two way communication. The two-way communication is used well, as a built-in screen can be used to navigate your music collection (videos, tv and the rest are not supported). The remote also has built-in gyroscopic mouse technology for using the remote to navigate Windows. Unfortunately, Dell doesn’t have plans to resell the remote apart from the M2010 Media Center system. However, since the remote was manufactured by Gyration, there is some hope that this remote – a generic version, anyhow – may still see the light of day for us non-Dell MCE owners.

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