Sony Kills UMD Movies and Moves to Memory Stick Entertainment Packs

sony mem stick and movieOh Sony, what hath thou done? Is the past not here for us to learn from? Betamax? Mini-Discs? And now UMD, according to Gamespot, is on the heap of formats you’ve created for profit, but turned over to misfortune (via Real Tech News)? Really, this is not a good omen for your next format, Blu-ray. It’s not that UMD is completely dead – after all, you do still have games to release for the PSP – it’s just that Target, Wal-mart and Best-Buy have told you to take your over-priced, over-hyped mini-format movies and take a hike.

So, what’s your solution Sony? Well, it looks like you want to sell consumers over-priced memory sticks with the option to transfer a top tier Sony Pictures title to the stick. Titles like the Academy-snubbed XXX, the mis-understood S.W.A.T., the emotionally riveting The Grudge and the performance showcase Hitch are sure to lure buyers into buying, especially since the movies are only in a dumbed down resolution of 320×240 (we’ll try not to remind readers that the PSP is capable of handling 480×272 resolution). I may not be a top-tier Fortune 500 executive, but I think your new strategy is somewhat lacking in effectiveness and may be ill-fated. But what do I know – I used to be a Mini-Disc owner.

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  • flamaest

    Everyone says it, if the UMD was packaged with the original DVD for 5 bucks more, they wold have made a fortune. Those silly discs cost about 30 cents to pump out in bulk anyway. DVDs cost about 17 cents each including marketing costs per disc.

    What a joke. My last MD player is picking up dust and I was able to jump ship and sell a buch of MD portables and decks before they killed themselves by adding all these stupid offshoots of MD, like netmd and hi-md.. all good ideas, but don;t marginalize your fan base.. I had like 4k invested in my lovely MD world.

    UMDs are slow as heck too, have you tried loading a full game from a MEM-stick.. night and day.. geez..