UStec Granted Key Patent for Wireless Wallport

ustec wallport diagram

UStec, a leader in digital home networking, announces it has been granted a U.S. Patent for a wireless wallport that will vastly improve the performance and reliability of wireless devices and networks for residential and commercial applications.

The patent, number 7,027,431, provides for a wireless transceiver located within an in-wall access port, or wallport. The patented device promises to dramatically improve broadband wireless access for laptops and desktop computers. It will also improve the performance of wireless Media Center PC extenders and other audio-visual devices. Potential applications include residences, hotels, offices, apartments and Universities.

“This patent will enable us to introduce a digital networking solution that provides the best of all worlds,” said UStec President Bill Thompson. “It offers the reliability, privacy and bandwidth of a wired solution with the convenience and simplicity of wireless connections.”

The UStec patented device will allow signals from a central router/Ethernet switch to be distributed via Cat5 cable to wallports throughout a home or business and then be transmitted wirelessly within the rooms where each wallport is located. The wireless connection from the wallport to electronic devices in the room can be accomplished using any one of several wireless protocols including IEEE 802.11 (a,b,g,n) WiFi, IEEE 1394 or WiMAX.

In addition to wireless Internet access, the wallports could potentially transmit cable or Satellite TV signals (including HDTV), digital audio, and signals from home automation networks that control lighting, temperature and security.

The UStec wallport enables the convenience and uncluttered appeal of wireless networking while overcoming its inherent limitations. It avoids the undesired transmission of signals through walls and over distances. Radio Frequency (RF) signals can be optimized to levels that guarantee performance in each individual room. By lowering the signal strength required, the product can reduce privacy-issues, interference with neighboring systems, and the potential health risks associated with high RF levels. Furthermore, by limiting the necessary distance from the wallport to a wireless device, the wired/wireless network overcomes Quality of Service issues that plague the high-bandwidth, short-range wireless media distribution solutions available today.

About UStec
UStec is a leader in providing homeowners with the wiring infrastructure they need to distribute and connect video, data, and voice signals for the networking of digital home entertainment, security and automation. UStec’s award-winning tecStream and its structured wiring systems are the most advanced on the market. To learn more about our company and product line, please visit To make inquiries specific to the newly issued patent as well as related UStec intellectual property please contact either William Thompson, President, or Lynn Hartrick, CEO at 585-924-1740.

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