SupportPlus Evolve PMP Features 20GB HD, Built-in 1.3 MP Camera, Good Codec Support

supportplus evolve pmpApple. Creative. Sandisk. iRiver. What do these names have in common? You know them. You know their products. You, to some extent, trust them. So, when a manufacturer comes along with a name like SupportPlus, you almost have to take a step back to measure them up. That said, they have a 20GB PMP dubbed the Evolve that – though not a technological breakthrough – could be a pretty good value for what you get (via DAPReview).

With 20GB of storage, you may feel a little underwhelmed – especially compared to the current iPod and Zen lines – but it’s still enough storage for quite a few songs and videos. The 3.5″ LCD is larger than what you’ll get on an iPod or a Zen Vision:M and at a resolution of 640×480, you’ll get a very nice picture too. The Evolve can also record video and audio up to 640×480 resolution at 30fps. Audio recording can be done as well, up to 128Kbps in MP3 format. The 1.3 Megapixel built-in camera can rotate and supports 4x digital zoom. It won’t soon replace your digital camera, but it’s a nice feature to have on the go. The features continue with a built-in 2700mAh rechargeable Li-Polymer battery, built-in speakers, FM tuner support, and the ability to display lyrics and subtitles.

How about codec support? Pretty good, though not enough to blow you away. It supports MPEG4, Avi, DivX, MP3, WMA, Ogg, Asf, Jpeg, Bmp and Gif files. Playback time is decent, with a promised 5 hours for video playback. No time was given for audio playback. So, where is that “value” I was speaking of earlier? Well, it looks like you can get the unit for under $200 at Not too bad, considering what you’re getting from the unit.

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