Philips Streamium SLA 5520 Wireless Music Adapter Features PlaysForSure Certification

philips streamium sla5520Wireless audio streamers are nothing new, but in many cases, the devices that have been released the last few years have either been functionally limited or excessively priced. Well, it appears Philips has seen the light in this market and is getting ready to release the Streamium SLA5520 Wireless Music Adapter (via I4U News). Coming in September, the SLA5520 fills both gaps by providing a wirelessly connected unit that features a two-toned screen to show song information, rather than leaving a screen completely off. It may not be full-color, but in filling the price gap at an agressive $99, the two-tone screen seems like a suitable compromise. In addition, it supports PlaysForSure, which means users who use services like Urge or Rhapsody can stream their music to this device as well. The Streamium SLA5520 may finally fit the needs of the budget minded consumer who wants his music streamed without having to compromise on features.

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