RoverTV PMP Features Line-In Recording and SD Memory Card Storage

rovertv pmpThin is in. Just look at the example set by Apple in everything from it’s Macbook and Macbook Pro series to the constant shrinking of the iPod. Thick and heavy tech devices are yesterday’s news. Following in that trend is Doghouse Electronic’s RoverTV PMP, a PMP that is “superskinny” and truly pocket sized (via Portable Video Player News). How does it accomplish such a feat? Easy – they removed internal storage. In order to use the RoverTV, you’ll need to have SecureDigital (SD) cards handy. Don’t let that scare you, though, because there are some pretty nice features in this tiny, pocket sized PMP.

For one, the unit can record from any video source directly to your SD card. Smartly, Doghouse Electronics included a timer to turn recording off after a specified period of time so that you can start a recording and come back when it’s complete. It can also output that video to a television. RoverTV is also compatible with TiVoToGo, so taking your TV on the road is doable with this beauty. It also has a built-in FM tuner that you can record from if you hear something that tickles your ear. You can view pictures while playing background music and can even read lyrics when playing back MP3 and WMA files. It’s not clear what formats other than MPEG-4 the unit supports for video. Either way, you’ll get 5 hours of video time and up to 14 hours of audio time with the rechargeable and replaceable Lithium-ion battery.

There are 2 models of the RoverTV PMP. The “Big Screen” features a standard 3.5 inch Samsung TFT screen with a resolution of 320×240 and costs $299. The “Wide Screen” features a wide-screen 4 inch Samsung TFT screen with a resolution of 480×272 and costs $349. Both units ship with ear buds, USB cable, wall charger and 3GB of storage in the form of one 1GB SD card and one 2GB SD card. With the cost of SD cards dropping almost daily, the RoverTV may just be worth a look.

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  • OftenOily

    If your an appliance operator, some one that just wants their gadgets to work or your an appliance enthuesiest and have to play with the way it was made this RoverTV is for you.
    I bought my WideScreen RovetTV over the phone and not off their web page because the “check out” part of RoverTv’s shopping cart was not working so I had to call. Excellent ordering experience. Friendly cheerful and I had it in my hand in 2 days.
    Fist thing is its beauty. It is all display..controls and I/O ports are on the sides and top. It’s thin and smooth and solid, nice and easy to hold..
    Then the fun, or problems depending on how you like your appliances. For me its been fun for others it’s going to be other then fun.
    RoverTv is advertised to be Tivo-To-Go is not..nor is it compatible with Tivo-To-Go Plus which is the 25 dollar add on that Tivo charges to have Tivo files encoded to work on “some” PVP’s like the iPod Video and cell phone/PDAs..I went for the 25 dollars and can tell you that it wont work on the RoverTv..However I did find many mp4 encoder softwares that will convert to .AFS which work really well.
    There is a nice record timer that works flawlessly and records to an .ASF file that you can rename. I can get a full length movie and about 200 mp3 and 100 jpgs on the 2 gig SD card and I am told by some one at RoverTv support that the RoverTv will read a 4 gig SD card…sweet.
    The next issue is the “ebooks”..Doesn’t read text at all and the problem is compounded because it doesn’t display the lyrics when playing mp3′s with lyrics encoded. For me it is easier to over look the lyrics not being displayed but the “ebooks” icon is right on the desktop and a constant reminder that something isn’t working
    The advertising is some what misleading..Some of the advertising has the RoverTv being sold with two SD cards ..One 1 gig and one 2 gig..The newer advertising is with one 2 gig SD card. The only accessories offered at this time are more SD cards and a carry case for 25 dollars which is out of stock for a couple of weeks now Oct.11, 2006
    Email replies to support related questions concerning “ebooks” and “tivo-to-go” are yet to come. To be fair I did ask to return the RoverTv at some point. I was issued a painless and friendly RMA number, so that might have caused the email replies to me to be suspended. However I did call to decline the RMA and after explaining that I care to persue the problem with “ebooks” I called for phone support several times and spoke with some very cheerful people that were very nice to speak with but had no significant solutions. I am still waiting on two different promised “call backs” concerning “ebooks’.
    So, if your going to record off a DVD player or VCR or cable box or video camera..RoverTv works wonderfully. I hooked a “lipstick cam” to my RoverTv Widscreen. I put the cam on the visor of a baseball cap and the RoverTv in my pocket and have been recording my grand kids and my dog running around in the autumn leaves..nice dependable unobtrusive gadget. Bottom line..If some one from support gets back to me with a way to make the “ebooks” work I might buy another..I like a PVR that is free from the worries of hard drive portable devices