Philips PMC7230 Portable Media Center Reminds Us That They Still Exist

philips pmc7230 pmcWith all the variations of Personal Media Players hitting the market, from iPods with Video to the iRiver Clix, it’s hard to remember what has been on the market in the past week, much last the past year. Well, Engadget has found a reminder of the Portable Media Player in the form of the Philips PMC7230. Rather than opt for the “smaller is better” philosophy, the PMC from Philips opts for a more video-friendly approach to their design.

With 30GB of storage, you should have enough room for several hours of television and movies (it does sync easily with Media Center afterall) and room for a decent sized music library. The 3.5 inch display is nice and a built-in kickstand lets you watch your copy of “Sense and Sensibility” without having to strain your wrists. At $349, the unit may end up pricing itself out of competition, but it’s at least nice to see that manufacturer’s haven’t completely given up on the PMC interface.

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