Want Vista Premium on a Laptop? Not Without a Hybrid Hard Drive Says Microsoft!

microsoft windows vista logoIf you just bought a swank new laptop in anticipation of running the latest and greatest version of Vista when it releases sometime in the next year (or 10), you may have spent your money too soon. TG Daily was recently told that in order for mobile systems to carry the Vista Premium logo (and we know how manufacturers love those stickers), the inclusion of a hybrid hard drive will be a requirement beginning in June 2007. For those not in the know, a hybrid hard drive combines a traditional platter based drive with a large flash-based cache to reduce seek times and platter spin time by caching the most accessed files in the less power-hungry flash area of the drive.

It’s probably no coincidence that Samsung and Seagate both recently announced the introduction of their hybrid hard drives for notebook computers. Other manufacturers of hard drives, that don’t also have a flash memory production capacity (like Seagate) will receive help from Microsoft in trying to establish partnerships to make hybrid hard drives an industry standard. It will be interesting to see if this requirement drives laptop manufacturers to start including hybrid drives before the June 2007 requirement hits, and subsequently, if it will be used as a selling point for customers with an eye to the future.

Update: It’s been brought to our attention that the hybrid hard drive requirement for Vista Premium was mis-interpreted by TG Daily. Engadget has more details available here.

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