iRiver Clix Video Demo (Impressive!)

iriver clixI’ve noticed for the past few weeks Sean Alexander, a Microsoft employee who worked closely with the iRiver Clix development team to refine the product’s UI and functionality, has been touting the virtues of iRiver’s latest portable media player (MSRP $199 – Amazon). However, I wasn’t truly sold until I saw Sean’s video demo of the product in action (Anything But iPod has one, too – Link). Boy, does the Clix look like a sweet device! The only thing that’s really missing is better video support. Nonetheless, this is the direction Microsoft should have taken from the beginning with their Portable Media Center platform. What ever happed to those anyway?

iRiver Clix Feature Set:

  • Capacity: 2GB
  • Display: 2.2″ Color TFT
  • Media: Video/Music/Photos
  • Games: FlashLite 2.0
  • Optimized for Windows Media Player 11
  • Simple synchronization with URGE music service
  • Supports URGE music feeds and custom playlists
  • “Now Playing” screen features album art, song ratings, quick play lists and next song preview
  • Optimized photo synching through Windows Media Player 11
  • Integrated digital FM tuner and FM recorder
  • Built-in voice recorder
  • Easily select portrait or landscape viewing modes
  • Customize interface with preloaded wallpaper or any photo
  • Innovative direct click interface
  • Convenient programmable SmartKey allows quick access to common functions
  • Support for MP3, Windows Media Audio (WMA) and OGG music files
  • Support for MPEG4 Simple Profile QVGA (15fps) video
  • Rapid USB 2.0 music transfers

* CNET has also taken the Clix for a spin and rates it an 8.7 out of 10.

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  • ChrisL01

    The Toshiba gigabeat S is what is currently happening to Portable Media Centers. IIRC, CNET gave that one a 8.3.

  • sdsdv10

    The Gigabeat S is a harddrive player that more directly competes with the Creative Zen Vision:M and the video iPod. This is a flashed based player that really doesn’t have all that much competition at the moment. Although, at 2GB it is a little light as a primary video device. As a DAP, this really looks like a nice unit with video as a bonus feature (at least at the 15fps as stated in the video overview).