Extend Your WiFi Signal Into Your Backyard

backyard wifiYou know, we’re living a pretty cush life when the things that bother us the most are limited WiFi reach in our backyards. You’d think with everything else going on in the world we wouldn’t be so spoiled? Yeah, I know – wrong audience. Anyhow, if the idea of getting a stronger (or any) WiFi signal in your backyard appeals to you, then this tutorial in Popular Science should get you all giddy happy (via MAKE).

Oh yeah, if you don’t have power outlets in your lawn like me, then you’ll also like that this solution gets you your wireless coverage with power from the sun. That’s right – you’ll be eco-friendly WiFi’d by using solar panels. I guess that somewhat kills surfing in the dark, but I’d say you’re probably better off not doing that anyways. Be forewarned, the project requires some soldering and doesn’t exactly hand-hold you through every step. Have fun and don’t say we never did anything for you.

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