Internet Timer for Parental Control of Web Access

webguard. timerThe Webguard programmable internet timer is a simple product that is long overdue (via Gizmodo). The main purpose of this interesting little gadget is to limit access to internet connectivity through a timer / meter. It works similar to a light timer that you place on your lamps when you travel. This is a pretty nice little box that should be a little more secure and reliable for parents trying to controls their kids internet usage. Any parent who has tried to stop their child from accessing the internet probably knows that resistance is futile. This device, however, hooks directly up to the main line internet connection and controls access to the physical ethernet jacks. This should help to avoid junior plugging directly into the cable modem to bypass any restrictions.

The Webgaurd retails for $120 and has several handy features:

  • Schedule the control hours and length of internet access
  • Stops unsupervised internet access
  • User friendly…no software required
  • Tamper-proof installation

This obviously could have uses in other areas such as business or other public access points where controlling the connections to the internet could be useful. Just don’t tell my wife about this product. She would love to limit my internet access so I could do a few more things around the house.

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