Future Apple OS X Rumors Look Promising

apple logoRumors are floating around about significant Apple OS X updates that could possibly blow the doors off of Windows Vista in the near future. Of particular interest are numbers 2, 6, 11, and 17 in the following list provided by a confidential source working with Apple. Caution: You may want to monitor your heart-rate while reading.

My Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with Apple precludes me from revealing proprietary detail, but because most, if not all, of this is posted elsewhere and is commonly available, I have no problems with confirming the following. Still, please don’t quote me.

1. Leopard supports OS 9.x, as is done with Tiger, but OS 8 and earlier will not be officially supported. Legacy apps may still work, but Apple just won’t support them.

2. During the Leopard install, you are given the option to create specific partitioning to accommodate M$ Vista and Linux. Reformatting your HD is not required. Depending on your processor and RAM, all OS’s can run simultaneously & independently. A (minimum) 150 GB HD is required (250 GB is recommended), and 2 GB RAM (minimum) should you wish to run more than one OS. Dual processors are required for optimum performance, though this may change in 10.5.1 or 10.5.2.

3. DiskWarrior (in lieu of TechTool) will be bundled with 10.5 if one chooses Apple Care or extends their current Apple Care contract. I don’t know the pricing or specific details, though Apple Care for older machines will increase significantly with the machine’s age. Machines over 6 years old (from date of mfgr.) are not eligible.

4. Safari will include editable Helpers. Safari Tabs can be assigned colors. Safari will be about 37% faster (YMMV). The default for Safari bookmarks will now be alphabetical by folder. Safari will include configurable parental controls (for those who want configured parents). Safari will now import Firefox and Camino bookmarks. Also, there are 12 new Safari “skins”.

5. The Dock will be much different. One new feature is that as icons are added, they will automatically migrate/expand around the screen as needed (or, you can reduce the size of the icons as presently done). Also, multiple docks are an option as is the amount of “bounce” desired in those dock apps launching or needing your attention. There is an accompanying bounce sound, a boing-boing sort of thing.

6. Hooks are built-in to support an Apple PDA, but I can say no more.

7. All Metadata will be editable.

8. You can have 3 ‘Finder’ windows open simultaneously, much like having 3 displays, all running different applications or OS’s. If networked, any 3 computers can be displayed. Depending on the function/application, you can even Drag & Drop between displays. Password or Admin. privileges are required. (see #2 above).

9. Widgets can run on any or all of your open windows, similar to the way Stickies can be placed anywhere.

10. Terminal has balloons that will appear with alerts/warning notes should you wish to do something that you will (later) wish you hadn’t.

11. Mail, Address Book, iCal, iSight, and iChat will become one integrated application, much like Entourage (but better). Included is a customizable Auto Responder and voice activated dialing via numbers or Address Book names. You will be able to automatically send email & initiate iSight meetings, etc. that are linked/pegged to specific calendar events. This feature is called AutoPilot (see #6 above).

12. Voice recognition/security has returned as an option (see #6 above). Note: Use with caution. I am still not certain this will make the final release (it’s still a bit buggy); perhaps delayed until 10.5.1.

13. An across the board speed increase of 35 – 40%. YMMV.

14. Font, Printer, and User Preference (.plist) repair routines are built-in and are schedulable.

15. Sherlock has been eliminated (use Widgets instead).

16. When Repairing Permissions, the “We are using special permissions…” will no longer be displayed. Finally!

17. Airport (Extreme only) will notify you via the airport icon flashing in the menu bar if your signal is being hijacked or used by anyone other than you authorized.

18. Startups, Restarts, & User Switching will be exactly as the User left the machine; open apps, window positions, network connections, etc. will all be reestablished.

19. Bundled with Leopard is a small app called “TrashBack”, a program to recover deleted files. Of course, the sooner one uses it after trashing the better.

20. Numerous (other) bug fixes, including a totally rewritten Spotlight.
Leopard will be previewed in June at the WWDC and released in early November.

UPDATE / Editor’s note: Whoops! It looks like we got duped. It seems that this list of 20 originally was posted at MacNN as part of an April Fool’s joke. Sorry about the mix up. Nonetheless, the supposed upcoming features make for good conversation (as seen on digg).

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  • djoxygen

    (I have no access to privileged information.)

    Some of this is pretty far-fetched, but most is completely reasonable:

    1) With the move to Intel processors, this one is a matter of time.

    2) Why not? With Boot Camp and Parallels, we’re pretty much there. Incorporating it into OS setup isn’t a stretch.

    3) No reason for it to happen; no reason for it not to happen.

    4) OS X has had the ability to be skinnable from pretty much the beginning. I don’t see why Apple would enable it now. Consistency is the mantra.

    5) That one is silly.

    6) I’m sure all the necessary hooks are there already.

    7) It’s called “Get Info”

    8) As with #2. Add in VNC and we pretty much can do that now.

    9) devmode enable or Amnesty

    10) No way. Unix geeks will puke.

    11) More automation? Sure. Integration? Doubtful

    12) I’m sure the APIs are there already

    13) With the shifting CPU landscape, how would you even measure this?

    14) Why not have the routines run automagically and invisibly, like the ones that clean out log files in the middle of the night?

    15) Does anyone use Sherlock anymore?

    16) See OS X 10.4.6!

    17) If you’re smart enough to “authorize” people on your wireless, you don’t need this because people won’t be hijacking

    18) I’m surprised they haven’t done something like this already. Although one should be able to enable/disable with a preference

    19) Maybe

    20) Nice ‘n’ vague

    PS: WWDC is in August. Should have been the first clue this was bogus.