Verizon May Charge More to Heavy EVDO Customers

verizon evdoIt looks like subscribers to Verizon’s EVDO service that use it as a primary connection to the internet are about to get a bump in monthly access fees (via Ars Technica). Broadband services over mobile devices such as SlingMedia’s SlingBox are driving some users download rates significantly above the average user. Verizon has indicated that users that exceed normal usage may be forced onto a higher tier of service to maintain those service levels.

Of course, it’s not only the mobile user that is going to feel the pinch. More and more people are using EVDO as their primary connection to the internet in lieu of DSL and Cable Modem’s. This trend should be accelerated with new devices that allow these connections to be shared locally over a WiFi router. I would think this is a trend wireless carriers would see as very positive and embrace.

Perhaps the carriers want to protect their ability to sell access to the mobile content rather than let users consume it for free as they do on their wired internet connections. Hopefully, wireless carriers will see the benefits of users keeping their wireless broadband connections as primary and will develop pricing plans to drive this behavior.

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  • Crashless

    I love how ‘unlimited internet’ is only unlimited until they decide you’re using too much. This type of marketing should be illegal.

  • Andrew McLaughlin

    That’s a great comment. Thanks!