Network Magic Intros a Free and Easy Way to Keep Intruders Off Wireless Home Networks

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Network Magic announced today a package of security enhancements for consumers with wireless and wired home networks, and introduced a free version, Network Magic Basic, which includes wireless intruder protection.

As more homes get connected to the Internet via broadband connections, consumer interest in secure home networks to share photos, files, printers and manage the growing number of consumer devices is growing rapidly. Jupiter Research estimates that the number of US households with home networks will grow 30% between 2005 and 2006. By 2010, 94% of households with home networks will have wireless connectivity. But as home networks go wireless most are open and unsecured due to the complexities associated with setting up, maintaining, and monitoring wireless security. As a result, many home networks will be plagued by slower internet speeds and potential exposure of files, photos, and personal information to intruders and piggybackers.

“A wireless network offers many advantages for consumers but it shouldn’t mean you’re providing piggybackers with free internet access and exposing your family photos, financial records, and other personal information to intruders,” said Tim Dowling, CEO, Network Magic. “At Network Magic we feel that every consumer should have the tools to easily protect their network for free.”

Consumers Say Security Is The Most Important Issue

In a national survey of consumers with home networks, Network Magic found security was the most requested feature and the biggest concern. Nearly 40% of home networkers surveyed felt that an intruder may have been on their network recently. Almost everyone – 95% – believed that ensuring that each of their PCs was secure was crucial to the safety of their entire network.

The security enhancements Network Magic releases today enable consumers to easily detect, block and boot unauthorized and unwanted users from the network. Network Magic also regularly scans every PC on the network to ensure antivirus is up-to-date, Windows updates are kept current, and firewall software is configured correctly making it easier for home networkers to ensure their network is protected.

Simplifying Home Network Security

It has been shown that home network security that is difficult to setup and manage will simply never be implemented. Network Magic has demystified home network security with a set of protection features that are easy for the average consumer to setup and maintain. They are as follows:

  • Wireless Intruder Protection – Automatically detect and remove with one click piggybackers and intruders from your network, hide your wireless network from others, and lock your network from future threats.
  • PC and Network Security Monitoring and Alerts – From a central dashboard and network map, Network Magic scans and monitors all PCs on the home network to ensure every PC’s Anti-Virus software is up-to-date, Firewall software is on or off, and Windows updates are current.
  • Add a PC or Device – Easily add a new device to your network or allow a visiting friend or relative onto your network. The “Add a Device” wizard temporarily turns off security and scans the network for newly added devices. Once you confirm the device you want to add, network security is turned back on without requiring complex and confusing security procedures.
  • Wireless Connection Manager and PC Shield – Network Magic ensures that when you are away from home you connect to only the wireless networks you intend to and automatically protects your shared files while on other networks. When you come home, you are automatically connected to your home network, not your neighbor’s.

Free Network Magic Basic Available for the first time

A new version of Network Magic, Network Magic Basic, is available for free starting today. Basic features a set of core functions that enable consumers to secure and manage their networks, including: a network map, connection repair, wireless connection management and wireless protection. Network Magic Premium offers all the features in Basic plus expanded services such as file and printer sharing, remote file access, and enhanced home network security such as Network and PC Security Alerts and PC Shield.

Network Magic is the home networking service that solves network management, file and printer sharing, and network protection hassles giving consumers control of their home or SOHO networks. It automatically connects PCs, printers, routers, gateways and networked devices and creates a user-friendly network map. From the Network Map, home users can manage all of their PCs and devices such as printers, network storage devices and media adaptors, add and remove devices, pinpoint Windows networking problems and protect their network against unwanted wireless intruders – all on one screen. Network Magic has been installed on over 230,000 networks to date.

Network Magic Basic can be downloaded free at and includes a 30-day trial of Network Magic Premium. With this release, Network Magic is offered to consumers as a service and will be delivering a number of ongoing service updates and releases throughout the year. Network Magic Premium is available as a subscription for $3.99 per month or $29.99 per year for a 3 PC license at (5 and 8 PC licenses are also available). Network Magic is also available in major retailers and resellers including Best Buy, CompUSA, Fry’s Electronics, MicroCenter, Office Max, Office Depot,, and

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