Universal Pictures to Offer Download to Own Movie Service with DVD Delivered

universal logoFrom CNN, coming April 10th to our chaps in England is a service that could help bridge the gap for people who want a digital copy of their DVDs without having to resort to bypassing CSS content protection and being labeled a pirate. Universal Pictures is partnering with Lovefilm – an online rental firm – to deliver downloadable movies to consumers the same day the DVD is set to hit store shelves. Hit movies like The Bourne Supremacy, Bridget Jones Diary, and King Kong will be part of the initial 35 movies being offered, although it’s possible the 6500 movies in Universal’s Library could eventually all be offered.

The service will let you download two copies of the film – one for play on a computer and one sized for play on a portable media player. Additionally, a DVD copy will be mailed to your residence as well. The movies will be available starting at midnight on the day of release, so you could actually have a copy of the movie ready to view before store doors even open. The downside? Price. New releases will cost £19.99, which translates to $35 American. Older releases are more reasonably priced at £9.99, or $17.50 American. However, this service is providing a service that has been desired for sometime, even if pricey. Let’s hope that our friends in England convince Universal to bring the service stateside, and lower the price as well.

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