Easy DivX to Xbox 360 Streaming with MCE Video Encoder

mce video encoderUntil now, in order to play your DivX encoded copies of The Matrix on your Xbox360, you had to resort to a “hack”, which was functional, but required you to be somewhat computer savvy to get it running. Well, Jake Ludington may very well have found a simpler solution for getting those DivX files playing on your swank, new 360. MCE Video Encoder, from Gary Stimson at LightningWare, converts your DivX, XviD and other video files on the fly through any MCE extender, including the 360.

Also, it supports fast-forward and skip ahead along with play and pause features. The true beauty of MCE Video Encoder is it’s simplicity and it’s price (free, of course). You will need to install the actual DivX player to get it to work, but installation is relatively easy and you get a fully supported MCE interface as well. Head over to Jake’s site for more details and screenshots.

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  • jakeludington

    Something I found out after writing up the MCE Video Encoder Add-in is that it also supports playing back a DivX file to multiple Xbox 360 consoles simultaneously. No support yet for streaming a unique DivX video to each console (assuming you’re lucky enough to have more than one Xbox 360).

  • trellaine

    Hmmm this would be awesome but I can’t get it working. :confused: I installed the Divx and also MCE encoder. I then tried to install the plugin but its all greyed out in the TOOLS portion of MCE encoder?

    I was told this works on XP home?

    Hmm something isn’t right.

    Any suggestions? I tried following the steps so *shrug* :cool:

  • jakeludington

    MCE Encoder is designed to work with Windows XP Media Center Edition, not Windows XP Home. You can likely use the new Zune Player software to stream video to your Xbox from Windows XP Home.

  • trellaine

    Thanks for clearing that up.

    I am set up using WMP 11, my pictures, music, and .wmv files seem to work ok.

    Is there advantages for me using the Zune software? Should I switch?