Linspire Mini

linspire miniChalk one up for the Linux guys. Linspire, the creators of the Debian/GNU Linux based Linspire OS, showcased a self-branded mini PC at CES 2006 that somehow slipped under the radar. According to TUX Magazine, the sweet little $399 (approx.) PC takes its looks from Apple’s Mac mini but the similarities end there.

The 2.8 pound PC features a front panel backlit power button, a slot loading combo DVD drive, two rear USB ports, one Firewire connector, S-Video/DVI video outputs, 10/100 Ethernet port, speaker/mic jacks, Pentium M 740 processor (or Celeron M), a single slot for DDR2 memory, and a choice of a 40 or 80GB hard drive.

Of course, the PC comes pre-installed with the Linspire OS software, making it the ideal second or third home workstation PC. The Linspire representative also added that the mini comes “right out of the box [...] with music and photo management software, Internet applications like Firefox, e-mail and instant messaging capabilities, as well as a number of built-in games.”

Sounds like a great way to get your feet wet with Linux!

UPDATE: I found a press release from Linspire on the mini. It turns out AOpen is the hardware company behind the device. Nice. And LinuxDevices has a more in-depth overview of the product.

Tip: It looks like you can buy a barebones version of the AOpen MP915-B for around $260.00 (does not include a CPU, hard drive, memory, or operating system)

UPDATE 2: Digg member zachtib adds that one can buy the same system with Ubuntu pre-installed for $499 at System76 today.

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  • Andrew McLaughlin

    $10k to anyone that can get XP running on it. ;)

  • kaseiffert

    With dvi out and less than the price of a mini this would make a nice front end for a myth box, or media center pc…. add a Pentium M chip and a hard drive and your good to go, including gigabit netoworking and wireless.

    If someone wants to get me one I’ll be happy to do some experimenting on it for ehomeupgrade!

  • smtelegadis

    As far as the whole HTPC issue is concerned, just by a intel MacMin. It’s a better deal, spec, and comes with a better os (linspire version of linux, that is not linux in general) Aopen has the right Idea just the wrong price tag. Go MAC!

    (BTW my primary desktop platform is Ubuntu so I do like linux :) )

    Spiro Telegadis

  • Alexander Grundner

    So are you running Ubuntu on your Mac mini, since you said said it’s your primary desktop platform?

  • benfanti

    The press release mentions $399 for linux and $499 for windows. I can’t find a windows version less than $700 – $800, and the linux version has no optical drive, etc.

    Am I missing something?