D-Link Launches First Flip-Style Mobile Wi-Fi VoIP Phone

dlink dph 540D-Link, the leading end-to-end networking solutions provider for consumers and business, today introduced the industry’s first flip-style mobile Wi-Fi phone that will ship with a full-featured softphone from TelTel, provider of SIP-based global Internet telephony services, allowing users to make free calls anywhere in the world where there is open Wi-Fi access.

Calls from the D-Link phone are made over the Public SIP Telephone Network (PsipTN) telephony backbone.

Weighing only 3.74 ounces in a compact clamshell design, the phone complements TelTel services with built-in features like a clear color backlit LCD display, a keypad with backlight, speed dial, redial, multiple ringtones, email access, volume control and other conveniences.

The D-Link Wi-Fi phone untethers users from their PCs, allows them to call other TelTel users for free, or call non-TelTel users for a small fee. Users also will receive virtually all of the IP telephone services included with the PC version of the TelTel softphone. One of those features is “buddy list synchronization” that allows users to view on their Wi-Fi phone whether their contacts are available to receive a call.

“We see the teaming of the D-Link phone with the TelTel service as a winning combination for both the consumer and small business,” said Steven Joe, president and chief executive officer of D-Link Systems, Inc. “It will offer users incredible value by utilizing the only public and open SiP network to make calls anywhere in the world at significant cost savings.”

“Combining D-Link’s new Wi-Fi phone with TelTel’s growing volume of services will allow people the freedom to roam and take full advantage of Internet phone connectivity without the high cost of traditional telephony offerings,” added Jack Chang, chief operating officer of TelTel based in Santa Clara.

“With so many more Wi-Fi hotspots being added to the network every day — corporate and university campuses, airports, coffee shops and hotels — D-Link Wi-Fi phone calls are a convenient and cost-effective alternative to traditional landline and mobile telephones,” Chang said.

The latest research by the Forrester Group indicates that nearly five million households will be using VoIP Wi-Fi phone services by the end of this year.

Scheduled for shipment this summer to D-Link’s vast network of retail outlets, the D-Link phone (DPH-540) carries a suggest retail price of under $300.

D-Link’s products and TelTel’s services will be on display in Booth 1319 at the San Jose Convention Center, site of the annual Spring Voice Over Network (VON) Conference and Exhibition at the San Jose Convention Center March 15-17.

About D-Link
D-Link is the global leader in connectivity for small, medium and large enterprise business networking. The company is an award winning designer, developer, and manufacturer of networking, broadband, digital electronics, voice and data communications solutions for the digital home, Small Office/Home Office (SOHO), Small to Medium Business (SMB), and Workgroup to Enterprise environments. With millions of networking and connectivity products manufactured and shipped, D-Link is a dominant market participant and price/performance leader in the networking and communications market. D-Link U.S.A., Canada, and Mexico headquarters are located at 17595 Mt. Herrmann Street, Fountain Valley, CA, 92708. Phone (800) 326-1688 or (714) 885-6000; FAX (866) 743-4905; Internet: www.dlink.com.

About TelTel
TelTel provides global Internet telephony services on the TelTel managed, SIP-based PsipTN™ network, capable of carrying voice, media, contents, and a variety of hosted services while providing interoperability with numerous IP end points. TelTel hosts the world’s largest SIP-based Internet telephony user community with over 1.5 million registered users worldwide. To learn more about TelTel, visit TelTel website at www.teltel.com.

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  • jk3us

    this one is at least 4 months old.

    This is very cool though. This one looks very nice. I may just have to get one when they’re available. But I really want one that supports jabber/jingle, that would be fun.

  • http://www.alexandergrundner.com Alexander Grundner

    jk3us said: this one is at least 4 months old.

    This is very cool though. This one looks very nice. I may just have to get one when they’re available. But I really want one that supports jabber/jingle, that would be fun.

    It looks like the Axcess G-1000 Wi-Fi phone you’re referring to has been taken off the list of products sold on VoIPSupply.com. I also noticed from the Google Cached version of the product page that they required a 50 unit minimum order to get your hands on the product. My guess is D-Link saw a good product and contacted the actual manufacture in Asia so they could bring the Wi-Fi flip-phone the under their umbrella of direct to consumer products.

    Axcess G-1000 WIFI VOIP PhoneClamshell w/Color LCD & POP3 Email 802.11b/g ($299.95)

    This is a brand new design, a clamshell (flip) cellular like Wi-Fi Phone with a TFT color display. It is the first one of its kind and will be available in limited quantities in late October 2005. The G-1000 can be used in corporations, SOHO, public hotspots, and residential environments. Flip type form factor, with color LCD Screen and POP3 Email integration. WIFI 802.11b compatible, Axcess Communications will also soon be releasing a firmware upgrade which will allow the G1000 to support 802.11g.

    Axcess G-1000 WIFI VOIP PhoneClamshell w/Color LCD & POP3 Email 802.11b/g

    Please Note: There is a 50 unit minimum order quanitity requirement for this product.


    * Supports SIP Signaling protocol, RFC-3261
    * 802.b 2.4 GHz WLAN embedded w/h 17 dBm output power
    * 40 Polyphonic ring tones
    * 1.9 CSTN 65K Color LCD, 160 X 128 resolution
    * Standard Keypads with extra soft-definition keys
    * 5 way navigation keys, including backlit
    * 7 Color visual event indicators, programmable
    * Call Log / Speed Dial
    * G.711/G 729a Voice CODEC
    * E-mail POP3/SMTP access
    * Phone Book
    * EP encryption (64/128-bit)
    * DHCP/Static IP address assignment
    * Earphone Jack for headset connection
    * Voice recorder (optional)
    * Power Saving Management
    * USB Charger


    * Dimension: 113mm (H) X 48.7mm X 25mm (D)
    * Weight: 115g
    * Battery Life: 2.5 hours talk time, 30 plus hours standby (900-mAh)
    * Notification: Ringer/Vibration/Color LED