Play iTunes in Media Center with HP Tunes

hp tunes screenshotI really like using the Apple iTunes music store to browse new music and even buy tracks for my iPod nano. What I don’t like is not being able to use iTunes inside of Media Center. In HP’s failed attempts to sell their own branded iPods they did make a program called HP Tunes that provides an interface to iTunes within Media Center. HP Tunes use to come standard on all HP Media Center computers but if you look in the right places then you can find the stand alone program to download and install.

HP Tunes work but it is a very ugly interface; I would much rather use the Media Center interface. You can do some basic filtering by viewing by albums, songs, artists, genres or your playlists. Nothing really impressive but it will allow you to play your iTunes music without having to leave Media Center. I’m pretty sure HP has discontinued this program because they aren’t selling iPods anymore but it would be nice if they released the code for this program so the user community could develop and enhance it.

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  • fmccaughan

    I have the HP Media Centre and would like to use HP Tunes inside this interface, but the response time is very slow and half the time it just hangs with the request “Please wait.” What do I need to do to get this application to work properly?