SageTV 4.1.7 Beta Now Features Placeshifting

sagetv recordings screenshotBig news coming out of the SageTV camp. SageTV 4.1.7 Beta now offers placeshifting functionality by way of a small SageTV client program called SageTVPlaceshifter that allows one to connect to their SageTV system over the Internet and manage it using SageTV’s exact same grahical user interface. In addition, the client program includes a locater feature that automatically configures the client to a remote system by using a 16-digit unique ID generated by SageTV.

FYI, you can see SageTV’s CES 2006 demo here.

Further details from SageTV on placeshifting integration that you should be aware of:

  1. To access your SageTV Server through the Internet with the Placeshifter you will need to open port 31099 on your firewall/router and forward it to the computer that is running the SageTV server.
  2. The current Placeshifter is included in the SageTV Client installation. It is called the SageTVPlaceshifter and is in the Start Menu as well as in the SageTV program folder.
  3. To enable the placeshifting server in SageTV, simply enable the media extender server in Detailed Setup->Advanced.
  4. IMPORTANT: The licensing for the Placeshifter is done on the server. It uses the same licensing as the SageTV Media Extender. They share the same trial period as well. After the trial is up you will need to have a Media Extender license installed on the server for each simultaneous connection you want to have for either a Media Extender or a Placeshifter.
  5. The placeshifting server requires a password for any non-local connections. This password can be set in Detailed Setup->Advanced. NOTE: SageTV does utilize strong security (RSA/Blowfish) in order to protect your passwords, but be sure to choose passwords that are not easy to guess or too short in length.

Thanks goes to Jason Meudt for the news tip!

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