Automatically Edit Commercials in Media Center with VideoReDo

videoredo screenshotVideoReDo is a MPEG editor that allows you to edit TV shows recorded on Media Center as well as TiVo. What makes this product so interesting is that the developer claims VideoReDo is able to automatically detect commercials and edit them out for you.

Let VideoReDo take the pain out of finding the best places to cut advertisements from your favorite TV shows. VideoReDo’s AdDetective will scan your files for the likely places where advertisements start and end. You can preview and change the recommendations before editing, or let VideoReDo Plus do the job automatically. VideoReDo

I haven’t tried this program yet, but they are offering a free 14 day trial, after that it is 50 bucks. If it works, I would be happy to pay them 100 bucks.

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  • montego

    I’ve been using VideoReDo for a few months now with my Beyond TV setup. BTV has a feature called “smartSkip” which will go through your recording and automatically mark commercial points. So if your BTV PC is hooked up to your TV you can just hit a button while watching the video to skip the commercials and jump to the next spot in the show. Sometimes it is hit or miss if BTV marks the right spots, but most of the time it works fairly well.

    In my setup the BTV PC is in my home office, and I stream recorded content to my DSM-320 in the living room. So, I can’t use the SmartSkip feature at all. However, VideoReDo will read the BTV SmartSkip XML files and and then re-cut the video, leaving the commercials out. What is nice is that you can place many shows into a batch job and Video ReDo will recut all of them. It takes about 5-6 minutes for VideoRedo to re-edit an hour show and dump it anywhere on your system that you want.

    Video ReDo also includes its own commercial skip feature, but I’ve never used it.

    The only thing it won’t do that I would like is to automatcially find all of my Smart Skiip files and re-cut them without me having to add each show manually into the batch manager.

    Also, if I want to fine-tune the BTV SmartSkip, I can just load the file into Video ReDo and it will load the video with the cuts marked, and I can readjust as necessary. Even without Smart Skip it only takes about 5 minutes to mark the commercials in an hour show. Pretty cool software.