Getting Remote Desktop to Work in Media Center

microsoft mce screenshot

I have been trying for a while to get Remote Desktop to work in Media Center but with no success. I just recently noticed that there is an option under ‘Settings’ to enable Remote Desktop – and once I went through this simple setup it works! I don’t remember seeing this before Rollup 2, but maybe I was just missing it. It is kind of strange that it seems you have to use this option under Media Center settings to enable Remote Desktop. I did enable Remote Desktop manually under the Remote Desktop tab under My Computer but that didn’t seem to do anything. So if you want to get Remote Desktop working, then I suggest trying it through Media Center.

And Microsoft does only allow one user logged into the system at one time. I can understand trying to limit this so their software license isn’t abused, but I would think that allowing at least two people would be the default – otherwise you can’t be doing anything on your home theater while you are logged in remotely.

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  • sbono13

    It couldn’t be anything new with Rollup2. I’ve been using RDC to login to my MediaCenter since I got it Dec 04. Pretty sure I just enabled it in the System Properties dialog box, like you were saying…

  • jakeludington

    Unless I’m mistaken, the Remote Desktop configuration in the MCE interface ties directly in to the RDC setup in Windows XP, which means if you have RDC properly configured, the Remote Desktop setup in the MCE interface is good to go as well.