All-Channel Recording DVRs in the Near Future?

tivo character logoGiven the recent advancements in the DVR community as of late, and the fact that all TV signals will be digital sometime in the next few years, this forward looking write-up by Nikkei Electronics Asia that states that all-channel DVRs could arrive by 2010 is not that unreasonable (via HD Beat). This is partly made possible by not having to convert an analog signal into digital with a standard encoder. However, storage requirements for storing a week’s worth of HD television programming using the H.264 (MPEG-4 variant) compression standard would amount to about 2 or 3 Terabytes of storage. Whereas that storage would be extremely expensive right now, the researchers feel by 2010 that this amount of storage will be within average consumer reach.

Given the potential here, the researchers also speculated that the existing revenue model for TV studios will continue to suffer and will have to be revisited in the very near future. This can also be read as “the television studios will sue everyone and their grandmother to make sure things don’t change.” The next few years should see some very interesting innovations and even more interesting law suits, to be sure.

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