Mac mini Kitchen Installation

mac mini in kitchenIf this project isn’t proof enough that this generation is the “Connected” generation, then I’ve got nothing else for you (via Automated Home). I have always dreamt of having a computer in every room, and some manufacturers are heading that way by integrating touchscreens into appliances, but to tear apart a Mac mini and integrate the ports into your wall like a common power outlet is something else entirely.

The goal was rather simple. Put a computer in the kitchen with as little a footprint as possible. The implementation was unique. “Lord High Caffeine Junky”, or Patrick as his parents named him, decided on taking the mini apart, reusing the power button and lights because of their cool “breathing” effects while in sleep mode, and completely hid the mini from sight. Using bluetooth for a wireless keyboard and mouse, some resourcefulness in constructing a faceplate and a good bit of wire-extending know-how, Patrick made the project a reality. Quite impressive.

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