Adaptec AVC-3610 USB 2.0 Dual TV Tuner for MCE 2005

adaptec avc 3610Adaptec has just released, what many might consider, the ultimate USB 2.0 TV tuner device for Windows XP MCE 2005 (via Everything USB). The AVC-3610 comes with dual MPEG-2 hardware tuner encoders (accepts Coaxial, S-Video or Composite RCA video connections), FM radio receiver, and an integrated remote control with IR blaster capabilities that lets users control their entire Windows Media Center experience, as well as, their cable or satellite TV set-top box. The AVC-3610 retails for $229 and is specifically designed for MCE 2005, but in most likelihood, the AVC-3610 will work fine with other popular PVR solutions.

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